milano: just in time for christmas!

Posted on November 28, 2005


by peter gillies

Berlusconi on CD.jpgChristmas is coming! I can feel it in the air and the TV advertising jingles. But, Hark! What is that I hear now? Yes, that’s right. It’s the sound of the world famous “Singing Prime Minister”, trying to launch his Christmas CD of “Lurve” songs in good time the elections next year.

This is not Singing Silvio’s first foray into the world of record production though, he actually had another CD launch a couple of years ago which resulted in sales of just over 40,000 copies of his first masterwork, “Meglio una Canzone”, which contained mostly Neapolitan ballads about love, broken hearts, love, loneliness, love and jealousy – and love.

The music critics in Italy dismissed it as pretty poor at the time and, fortunately, it didn’t get much air time on the radio or TV stations – despite Berlusconi owning (or controlling) most of them. This one will be better though. Hopefully. It has been made by Silvio and his musical collaborator, Mariano Apicella, with whom he made the first CD. Comprising of, once again, songs of “Lurve” it will give a better idea of the career direction that might well be in Silvio’s mind after next year’s election. He has apparently written 6 of the tracks himself, which will be interesting.

I hope that these songs give us a better idea of the love that “our” Silvio, crooner extraordinaire, has for his lovely young second wife, Veronica (who owns Italian national newspaper Il Foglio). It might go some way to patch up Silvio’s fears that Veronica is a little too close with the ex-mayor of Venice, Massimo Cacciari. Maybe it’s a case for another bunch of red roses now Silvio? As well as the love songs. For Veronica that is.