copenhagen: stay away from hospitals

Posted on January 6, 2006



by sabine behrmann 

As long as they don’t get seriously involved with it, Danes are convinced that their national health service is the best in the whole wide world. This has made it easier for shifting governments and local political bodies to exercise massive cuts in e.g. hospital budgets over the last 20 to 30 years.

Recently a Danish tabloid, BT, sent one of their journalists to various hospitals in order to take samples to be examined for germs in a lab later on.

The findings were thus: beds, that had been cleaned, were by no means disinfected. Floors were dirty (although they had been washed). The food that is served is full of bacteria.

For the fun of it the tabloid had samples taken from the lavatories in parliament. Uncleaned lavatories. The amount of germs found there was significantly lower than that on the cleaned hospital bed.

100.000 patients take an infection with them when they are discharged from Danish hospitals each year. 300 of them die.

As Danes always have known – despite their pride in their health care system – : you really need to be in good health if you want to survive being ill.