paris: mona vs marie

Posted on January 12, 2006



by in paris now 

It took a couple of years but Eurostar has finally figured out that tourists are Chunneling into Paris by the, well, Chunnel-load to take Da Vinci Code tours. A full three years after the book started blowing off shelves, Eurostar rang up British tourism offices and pitched the brilliant idea of encouraging Dan Brown fans to trace the trail of the novel’s hero, an American in Paris headed to (where else?) the Louvre. Reports Agence France-Presse:

“Eurostar will work with VisitBritain, Visit London, VisitScotland, as well as Maison de la France, to encourage tourists to take their own Da Vinci Code trail and follow in the footsteps of the books hero Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks in the film,” Eurostar said in a statement.

What will Eurostar do to jazz up the trip? Will it plant Opus Dei relics in the bathrooms? Reproduce the Mona Lisa on seat backs? Actually, Eurostar didn’t take the idea quite that far. Kitschy marketing isn’t their thing. They just want people to come on down to Paris on their train.

May we make a suggestion, Eurostar? How about a Marie-Antoinette Express? (Marie-Antoinette being the other American production filmed in Paris and getting a lot of advance heat.) Trick out a berth Louis XV style. Hire hairdressers to give women up-dos on the way in. Serve cake!