milano: no sex = better politics?

Posted on January 31, 2006


photo via forbes
Well, well, well. I turn my back for a couple of weeks and find that our esteemed Prime Minister, Dott. Silvio Berlusconi, has that he is renouncing sex until after the Italian elections in April. What a to say. He is married and he is a Catholic. Yes, I know he is old, but men have sired children far, far older than he is. Just.
However, the fact remains that he has publicly announced the witholding of his marital obligations to his lovely wife of 14 years, Veronica Lario, until after the elections. I am speechless. Why? What is he hoping to achieve by this promise? I realise that he will finally be in a position to actually deliver on one of his promises – but will he? Is there any point in him compromising his marriage vows at this stage in his life?

Perhaps he feels that by distilling his vital forces – his life juices – he will keep his strength for when he will need it most. Fighting the election. But that is normally only applicable to people with physically demanding jobs, such as footballers, or athletes. It would be hard to see Silvio as any form of athlete. Unless you consider onanism to be a sport, that is.

It was interesting to note that at the same time as Silvio’s revised marriage vow, a study by Stuart Brody, a psychologist at Scotland’s University of Paisley, has reached the conclusion that sex can actually help people in high-pressure situations achieve better results when giving speeches. That’s right. Sex before speaking is good for you. Public speaking I mean, of course.

With the many TV performances recently given by our Silvio on various chat shows and what have you, he looked as though a bit of rumpy-pumpy would have done him the world of good. Certainly far more good than a bottle of hair dye, at any rate.

I’ll get back to my decorating now then, shall I?

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