amsterdam: voting is easy?

Posted on March 8, 2006



by katie lips

Tuesday 7th March: It’s election time in Amsterdam and as an EU citizen living in the Netherlands I get to vote, which is quite exciting. For the first time, there will be an electronic voting system, which I imagine streamlines the count, and makes things slightly simpler.  It seems that voting, and the political system is not for the faint hearted; there are 24 parties in Amsterdam to choose from!  For the novice expat voter this might make you decide not to participate. having abstained from voting in the UK recently however there seems to be a more local focus on what the 24 parties are offering.

Expatica has created a very useful guide for those of us who want to find out more. Cheaper parking, free language lessons for parents, and entrepreneur friendly districts are some of the lighter issues on offer.  I have to admit I still have an air of trepidation about it, familiarising yourself with the subtleties of 24 parties is not so simple; what if I vote for the wrong one by accident? 


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