london: rollerskate disco

Posted on March 16, 2006



by swedish girl in london

Hey girls, get your leg-warmers, pom-poms and blue eyeshadow out – it’s time for the Rollerskate Disco at Bagleys‘ in Kings Cross Depot ! No excuses now, Proud Mary, you know that you need to keep rollin’. And what do you mean you can’t skate? That’s what the good-looking minders are there for.

Be warned, though, at first the location appears a bit dodgy. Yes, it does look as though you are taken away to a parking lot to get duct-tape plastered over your mouth before being stuffed away in the boot of a car. Maybe it’s best that you bring your own skates, so you can traverse the industrial site leading up to the disco at break-neck speed.

Once inside, however, the disco is all palm trees, cushy sofas and ra-ra skirts. Lycra-clad creatures swoosh around three different dancefloor, and everything is very Baz Luhrman-esque and retro. Your first time? a bubblegum-chewing little individual asked me compassionately as I veered, wobbling and wild-eyed, into the loo. Yeah, but I haven’t tripped over yet, I said proudly. Oh, you will, she said and glided away into the crowd.

And damn her, she was right. Within five minutes, I was spread like a starfish on the floor. But so what? I saw those ice-dancers tumbling like bowling pins in the Winter Olympics. Just have a cocktail and you’re good to go again.

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