berlin: a good cause

Posted on March 21, 2006


by bowleserised

Or I’ll get all Joyce Grenfell on yo’ ass. Now, today’s blog post is all about the German Toilet Organization. Their motto is "sanitation is dignity" and they rightly point out that according to the WHO and UNICEF, 42% of the world’s population doesn’t have an adequate toilet.

Can you imagine your life without toilets? – you visit your restroom over six times a day – it is an important room! – you spend about three years of your life on a toilet – ‘May I use your toilet?’ is a frequently asked question
They’ve put cut-outs up in Potsdamer Platz to drive the point home and also provide these information sheets which are a bit confusing, because they seem to call for more khazis (fair enough) while saying that you catch diseases from them and that flush toilets despoil potential drinking water.

The GTO ask you to treat public conveniences with respect and for more loos to be set aside for women as they take three times longer than men in the littlest room, so I have a lot of time for them. Better still, they are affiliated to the World Toilet Organisation who don’t care two hoots about sharing abbreviations. If I wasn’t avoiding toilet humour on principle today as a mark of respect for the GTO, I might make some kind of crude geo-political joke out of that, but I won’t.