copenhagen: rotten & vandalized?!

Posted on April 5, 2006


mermaid love2.jpg
photo via opspin

by sabine behrmann

If you dream of visiting Denmark and seeing the sites before it is too late – you should probably get moving, or decide here and now that it doesn’t matter after all. Amalienborg, the official residence of the royal family is threatened by decay caused by moulds.

There is nothing royal in this development. Due to the humid climate many houses in Denmark with wooden structures are affected. It is rather common, and quite expensive to remedy.

As is quite common, too, the rot was detected in connection with a large-scale renovation project that eventually will render habitable a part of the castle, Christian VIII’s palace, now housing the Amalienborg Museum, for crown prince Frederik, his wife Mary, and their little son, Christian. Before the project was started – and the moulds found – it was assumed to cost approximately 112 mill. DKK (about 15 mill. €), now the costs will rise with another 60 mill DKK (8,000,000 €), because the decay is far greater than first assumed.

Since moulds have a tendency to spread and hide nobody can be sure that this will be the end of it. And nobody knows how long it will take to remove all the moulds, yet. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a speedily repair, though, since Amalienborg is a very peculiar kind of royal residence, well worth a visit.

Another tourist attraction, The little Mermaid, will soon have the rock she sits on moved further into the water.

In the opinion of Copenhagen’s city council, admirers have been on far too familiar terms with the sculpture. She has lost her head twice, which isn’t really that often, considering her age – but then she lost an arm as well, and there have been countless occasions when she had her body adorned with paint, flower, hats, and clothes.

Since she is mute it is unlikely that she has had a say in these matters.

However, with higher water levels on their way – what with global warming and all – it is only a matter of time before she’ll be further removed from all her fans. Without any costs to the taxpayers.