Amsterdam: Rembrandt now one year older

Posted on April 11, 2006


by katie lips

Rembrandt is really old; he’s 400 this year and to celebrate there’s more than a little Rembrandt fever here in Amsterdam.  He’s on every tram stop, poster hauding and magazine, and perhaps more impressively; he’s got two special shows at the Rijksmuseum and at the Van Gogh Museum.

“Really Rembrandt?” (until 24th May at the Rijksmuseum) is a mixture of art and sleuthing; can you tell a real Rembrandt from a fake?  I went to see this exhibition by accident, assuming the Rembrandt ‘versus’ Caravaggio was at the Rijksmuseum and not at the Van Gogh.  Even so, we liked the sleuthing, somehow it made everyone look harder at the paintings.

“Rembrandt – Caravaggio” (until 18th June at the Van Gogh Museum) is truly fabulous if you’re looking for a dose of  ‘real art’.  The works and the exhibition are impressive and help you understand the culture, and the age of Amsterdam itself.  I went on Friday evening which is Museum Night at the Van Gogh; the audio tour, the glass of wine and the violinist in the foyer made me feel like a slightly more glamourous art tourist.

Images: Rembrandt, The rape of Ganymede, (1635) & Caravaggio, Amor Vincit Omnia, (1602)