Citizen Ben: Notes from Spain

Posted on April 11, 2006


shortcut talks to ben curtis, podcaster and spain aficionado.

TRAVEL TALES: Ben has penned a book on his experience of moving to Spain and making himself at home there. Read about house buying, inlaws and the most beautiful street in the world here.

What was your image of Spain before arriving there? Lives punctuated by tortillas, flamenco and siestas?

I used to imagine drunken Brits getting into trouble on the Costa del crime, bullfights, dusty plains and jugs of Sangria!

What was the most surprising thing about Spain once you got there?

The total lack of immigrants. There were no coloured people in Madrid when I arrived, just Spaniards, and a few western Europeans and South Americans. All that has changed now, but it was quite a shock after the London suburb of Brixton, where as a white Englishman I was in the minority.

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