Berlin: Dismantling the Palace

Posted on April 13, 2006



by michael scott moore 

Here’s what the Palast der Republik looks like these days:

Berlin is tearing it down because it’s ugly and loaded with asbestos. Oh, and ex-Communist. The East Germans put it up in the 50s on the (salvagable?) ruins of the old Hohenzollern castle. Now a certain cash-poor organization wants to put up a rebuilt, Disneyfied Hohenzollern castle, which pisses off some Berliners as much as the modern Palast pissed off nostalgic Germans back in the day. Good thing it sits on a river, though, because unloading "29,000 tons of steel, 83,300 tones of concrete, and 300 tons of glass," according to Der Tagesspiegel, would need 13,710 traffic-jamming trucks. Which would piss off me.