London: Gearing up for We Media

Posted on April 27, 2006


Next week London will host the We Media Global Forum, a gathering of media movers & shakers, who flock to the event to network, talk and debate the impact of citizen media and collaborative technologies on news providers and gatherers. The central question is likely to be what gives? How can mainstream / mass media preserve its revenues and purpose in what many think is a paradigmatic change in news & information production and consumption?

Do these questions keep you awake at night? If so you’re in luck. Events will be broadcast live on the We Media website, and in the spirit of digital connectivity, viewers worldwide can submit questions and comments. This editor will be part of the team of online curators recruited to sift through your insights, and perhaps I will find time to blog a few live impressions while at the conference. For now you can get a taste of likely topics and issues at Morph, the collaborative We Media blog.

We Media: May 3,4 London at the BBC and Reuters