Paris: Lights Out for Woody

Posted on April 28, 2006


by the paris blog 

Last year I wrote an article for Variety about the increase in American films and TV shows shot in Paris. The French Film Commission is allowing easier access to historic buildings for filmmakers, opening up the Louvre to The Da Vinci Code and Versailles to the much-less-monied production of Marie-Antoinette.

An exec at the organization told me that they had order from on high to royally wine, dine, house and entertain any producer or director considering filming here. As I transcribed the interview I thought, hmmm, this would be a crafty way to get a free vacation–by pretending to be a director in search of scenic French locations. Then I opened up today’s Variety and saw this article:

Woody Allen will have plenty to talk about in his next therapy session.

The helmer has suddenly scrapped plans to shoot a pic — in which David Krumholtz and Michelle Williams had recently been cast — in Paris this summer and returned to a previous concept of lensing a third film in London, following up on last year’s “Match Point” and the upcoming “Scoop.”

Cost is said to be the reason Allen fled. But he went to the UK–hardly a discount film location! Hmmm.