Weekend Wrap: Boys and Toys in Athens

Posted on April 28, 2006



Ready to relax, sit back, sip a coffee/tea/drink and dive into our weekly wrap of what’s happened in cities across Europe?

Before you dive, here’s the tip of the week: if you live in Vienna, indulge your palate this weekend and take thee to the Stadtwirt. Recommended by Vienna contributor and connoisseur Florian Brody.

Not in Vienna? Read on:

Summer reaches Reykjavik 

Amsterdam puts its best flowers forward 

The Guardia Civil is up in arms in Madrid

A new fashion blog in Copenhagen 

Berlin Wall threat in the US 

Copenhagen + Vikings + Drinks

Boys playing with toys in Athens 

Talking about changing media in London 

Naples – another kind of picturesque

Woody Allen flees Paris 

Immigrants, head to Zurich

The grass is greener in Lisboa 

::::::::::: Extras :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The NY Times caters to small budgets 

How about some innovation?

Citizen: Madhav – Travels with an Engineer

Photo via Schaetzlein 


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