Vienna: Balkan Fever 2006 Report

Posted on May 5, 2006


by novala’s europa 

There were two departments nobody ever took me into consideration for. For reasons.
► Music reviews: "What music did they play? Who was the composer? WHAT? You don’t know??!!" "Well, it was great. I liked it!"

So what can I to tell you about the opening of the Balkanfever-Festival 2006 in the Szene Wien in Vienna except: "It was great. I liked it!"

Adrian Gaspar Orchestra. (novala)

The average age of the members of the Adrian Gaspar Orchestra is 16,75. They were brilliant. They loved being on stage, they obviously had great fun playing their own music – a mixture of legendary Roma traditional songs, jazz, Big Band sounds and classical elements – and they are exceptional musicians.

They are all students of the music highschool Neustiftgasse in Vienna and come from all over the world, from a million different backgrounds – Roma, Macedonian, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Austrian, German, French, Serbia, Algerian, Philippines … The core group though consists of Adrian and five other Roma. They all speak Viennese dialect, btw.

The only minus of the night was the lack of chairs. The pieces are very long, somewhat experimental – here and then you just want to sit down, close your eyes and swim in the sound carpets.