Paris: Hair Pimp Alert

Posted on May 8, 2006



by the paris blog 

Positioned at every metro exit at Strasbourg St. Denis, young black men hang out in groups, casing out everyone coming out of the subway. I assumed they were drug dealers or procurers for the sad old prostitutes on rue St. Denis. Turns out these men are pimps, all right—hair pimps! They work on commission from the maisons de coiffure specializing in black hair in this area. They call out to the black women exiting the subway, trying to get them to come to the coiffeur they represent. “They’re very aggressive,” a friend told me yesterday.

"They really yell at the girls. They can tell which African country the girl is from by looking at her, and they zero in on them, speaking in their particular dialect. Once I was leaving the subway behind a group of black girls, and the noise of the men accosting them was deafening. It’s terrible!”

It may be a bother for some girls, but I don’t think it’s terrible. It gave me pause to discover that these fellows who I assumed were hoodlums are just trying to make a living.


Photo via Angel14


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