Berlin: Invasion of the Hot Dogs

Posted on May 12, 2006


by michael scott moore

My neighborhood in Berlin, for some reason, has more than its share of hot dog stands. I realize hot dogs probably got their start in Germany, and there’s no shortage of variations on the venerable wurst-in-broetchen formula; but what explains the apparent craze for American-style hot dogs? A new Radio Free Mike series will investigate. Here, to start things off, is a Mister Miller stand on Schoenhauser Allee:


As you can see, Mister Miller is an "American" nostalgia product, with (however) an international menu of French and Mexican-style hot dogs, chili dogs, etc. It’s all processed Frankfurter meat. What makes one item French and the other Italian has everything to do with whether you want relish or pepperoncini on the dog.