Citizen Tina: Diving Into the Arts

Posted on May 16, 2006



shortcut talks to tina smrekar, visual artist and fulltime snorkeler in the fabulous worlds of art, film and music.

You’re doing a worldwide project on visual artists’ living conditions – how did you get started on this topic?

It was the situation I found myself in after finishing my studies as an artist and wanting to continue working in this field. The fact that artists have to struggle to be able to survive AND produce art is known, a cliché even, but I had the feeling that although practically all of us face this dilemma at least at the beginning of our careers, there is not much discourse whether in the art community and even less in the general public.

Much of our identity nowadays is channeled through work and my question here is how are we supposed to be liable and have credit as artists and how are we to produce art if a lot of our time and energy goes to working odd jobs, often working several jobs at a time.

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