Stockholm: Swedes Want Cheaper Booze

Posted on May 17, 2006


alcohol shop.jpg by schlockholm the stockholm blog 

The majority of Swedes want the tax on beer and wine reduced, says the Swedish Brewers’ Association. They’re not that bothered, though, by the tax on spirits.

Just over 50 percent of those questioned by Temo, who carried out the survey on behalf of the Brewers’ Association, said beer and wine taxes should be cut whilst only 40 percent said they would like to see the tax on spirits fall.

No prizes for guessing who Temo talked to. Here’s a clue:


  • 40 percent say they want a cut in wine tax
  • 30 percent want the tax on beer reduced.
  • whilst only 17 percent would like the tax on spirits cut.

Yup, it sounds a lot like the Chianti moms and dads from Danderyd and Täby were well represented amongst interviewees.

Whether or not any cuts are forthcoming seems a bit of a moot point. After all, the government does pretty well out of the sizable tax on alcohol and would struggle to make up the short-fall in revenue.