Lisboa: Foreigners feel the Heat

Posted on June 9, 2006


Illustration by Vitriolica
From Vitriolica‘s excellent blog, unkempt women, comes this nugget of whistful cross-cultural analysis:

However long I live here (seven years so far if you’re counting), I will probably always find myself in conversations thus:
Portuguese Person: My god, this heat is incredible.
Vitrischmolica: Yes, it really is very hot.
Portuguese Person: I mean, for May, it’s really too much, isn’t it?
Vitrischmolica: Yes, it really is a scorcher.
Portuguese Person: Really, it’s unbearable. I don’t know how I’m going to make it to the summer… I think I may end up sick because of it.
Vitrischmolica: Yes, it feels rather like August already, doesn’t it.
Portuguese Person: I can’t quite believe it. I feel like I might melt at any moment, I’ve never liked it when it’s this hot. I’ll never get used to it. Quite quite unbearable.
Vitrischmolica: Ooh, yes, it really is too much. I….
Portuguese Person: Well, you just aren’t used to it yet.
*big sigh*

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