Milano: Another Model Strike?

Posted on June 9, 2006


milan catwalk.jpg 

Somehow we missed this, but apparently Italian models were on strike mid-May, protesting unfair competition from  foreign (read American) modeling agency. In a succinct insider commentary on the "strike", former runway model Anne Metz dissects the militant stance of the modeling profession as not so millitant after all:

Now, given that the runway season doesn’t start until the end of June, I calculate that the damage of this three-hour strike must have cost the industry approximately zero Euros.

The pointlessness of the model-strike aside, the fashion industry in Milan is about as ripe with corruption as a Swiss bank is with Nazi gold.

Corrupt or not, ASSEM, the association representing local agencies that spearheaded the strike, has threatened to resume protests during the upcoming June Fashion shows if their complaints went unheard. But wait, that’s the menswear collections

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Photo credit: Lady Muck