Amsterdam: Desperately Seeking Free WiFi

Posted on June 15, 2006


by katie lips

If you’re desperately seeking a free Internet connection in Amsterdam then look no further for a rundown of cafe hangouts, hip hotels and sky high restaurants where you can whip out your laptop and  wifi ’til the sun sets. Having recently moved house in Amsterdam and been without ADSL at home for over 3 weeks, I have learned a little about the state of free wifi in this town.   There are plenty of paid for networks and a few ‘Internet Cafes’ but for those of us who wouldn’t be seen dead attempting to read email sat in a row of ‘Internet Stations’, for those who carry our PowerBooks in our handbags; here’s how to get online for free in Amsterdam.

Centrally at De Balie
The cafe / bar / restaurant / film theatre on Leidseplein has great free wifi and lots of it – their coffee and beer is good too.

In the Open Air on Nieuwmarkt
There is lots of free Wifi on Nieuwmarkt, the large and lovely square at the border of the Red Light District and China Town.  I think it’s provided by the Waag Society. It’s free and across the square.

Sky High at 11

For a view of the city from the 11th floor of the Post CS building head up to Restaurant 11. In the day you can check your mail over a sandwich, or later on over dinner.  At night the place turns into one of Amsterdam’s hottest clubs when there’s surely more fun to be had checking out the Amsterdam club crowd than checking your email. You may also find other open networks in the Post CS building; it’s also the home to media arts organisation Mediamatic.

With some culture at the Lloyd Hotel
The Lloyd Hotel is one of few hotels I know to offer its guests and visitors free wifi.  It also offers its guests a range of rooms from 2-4 stars, their own cooking facilities and the Cultural Embassy.  Even if you’re not staying there it’s worth a visit.

Relaxed and Comfortable in De Cantine
De Cantine is a lovely cafe / bar / restaurant in Rietlandpark just opposite  the Lloyd hotel where the wifi, food and service are all great. They also have exhibitions and even a pop quiz. 3 stops from Centraal Station on the Tram 26 will take you to both De Cantine and the Lloyd.

Now there’s no excuse to fall behind with those important emails…