Berlin: Summer Hot Dogs

Posted on June 16, 2006



by michael scott moore

We seem to have fallen off the wagon with our summer hot dog series here at Radio Free Mike, but don’t worry. Here’s another Mr. Miller stand in Berlin, blocks away from the first one, and even closer to the sexually ambiguous Fiberglas hot dog on Kastanienallee. One Radio Free Mike commenter has previously noted the disturbing Mr. Miller motto, "Eat Here, Diet Home" — clearly visible in this photo. Smithsonian argues that hot dogs are quintessentially American, but has no idea where the name comes from:

Hot dog history, warns author Donald Dale Jackson, is a compendium of myths, guesswork and public relations inundating a scanty dossier of facts … The product was originally called "dachshund sausage" for its resemblance to the low-slung German dog. One story has it that a newspaper cartoonist drew a picture of barking dachshunds between buns and labeled them "hot dogs" because he couldn’t spell "dachshund." Trouble is, no one has ever found the cartoon.

Yeah, whatever.