Amsterdam: M is for…. Mobiel, Monday, Events at the Cultural Embassy

Posted on June 20, 2006


by katie lips

Brits and Americans visiting Amsterdam may be surprised to know that venture a stone’s throw from the central tourist area and shops actually shut on Sundays.  Shops also shut in most places on Monday morning – and in some places all day. Well, everyone needs a rest after the weekend right?

This relaxed attitude to commerce may leave you searching for an alternative way to fill your Mondays; perhaps something to get you thinking at the Cultural Embassy; it’s “Lloyd Time on Mondays”.

The Cultural Embassy is housed in Amsterdam’s Lloyd Hotel, a trendy venue for visitors, and members of Amsterdam’s culturati. It’s also just down the road from the famous Panana Club so is also frequented by DJs, VJs and party goers.

Lloyd Time on Mondays on the 19th June sees Nathalie Faber explaining her exhibition Playmobiel an interactive mobile art exhibition.

Following the talk there will be a screening of Sabine Konig’s 1999 documentary ‘Please Hold the Line’, about an Amsterdam call-centre which doubles as a hairdresser.