Copenhagen: Overweight Geniuses

Posted on June 20, 2006


cph beacg.jpgby sabine behrmann

Finally it is summer in Denmark and time to find a beach to hang out on. There are plenty to choose from, and the water quality is first rate. So what is there to think about? Well, a recent survey has shown that although half the Danish population is overweight, 76 % believe consider themselves too fat. This may have an impact on the desire to show off one’s body.

83 % of the women and 69 % of the men want to lose weight this year. All in all they aspire to losing 31  million litres of fat, which amounts to an average of 9.6 kilo per person. This is enough to fill 31 swimming pool of olympic dimensions if you fancy a dip of a different kind…

So-called experts dealing with questions of life-style and nutrition are at the moment busy commenting on the misconceptions many Danes have about the shape of their bodies. And the risk that there among these vast numbers of discontent people are some for whom a further weightloss might be life-threatening should certainly not be understimated.

However, it may just be another of these self-assessments where Danes show an amazing lack of proportion: more than 50 % of them consider themselves more intelligent than the average. And we all know what geniuses look like, don’t we?