Portrait of a Blogger: Sabine Behrmann

Posted on June 21, 2006


In the coming summer weeks Shortcut is putting the spotlight on its team of city bloggers; the behind the scene writers who every week provide the blog with its eclectic and incisive city fare. They are a diverse, well-traveled and highly savvy bunch who for the most part have chosen to leave home and settle in distant lands. Find out who they are and what their lives are about when not blogging – and if you like what they have to say, you can read more of each on their individual blogs.
This week starts off the series with Copenhagen based Sabine who has been analysing the megalomaniac Danes for 26 years.
125004-370529-thumbnail.jpgCopenhagen: A German among the Danes
Sabine was born and bred in the northern part of Germany and came to Denmark in 1980, 22 years old. She had a thing for Denmark and wanted to learn Danish and everything about the tiny nordic Kingdom.
As it turned out, learning the language was the easy part. Learning to live with Danish mores proved more difficult. So after getting a Phd in Scandinavian literature from the University of Copenhagen, she found her calling as a coach and consultant: coaching other foreigners, that is, trying to navigate the minefield of life in Denmark.

Her personal life is devided between family, political work, the development of live role playing games, and outings with other members of the Danish Mycological Society. She runs her own blog about Danes and Denmark

Name: Sabine

Nationality: German

Location: Copenhagen

How / Why did you start blogging? Mainly because I knew I had something to say and that there are other people who would like to hear/read it.

What’s your blog…."Oh, those Danes"…………… about? It’s about Denmark and the Danes and how I see them. This makes a contrast to how they see themselves.

Do you know who your readers are? Some of them, yes. They are mainly people who share my interest in Denmark for personal or occupational reasons.

Ever gotten into trouble for blogging? Nope.

Upside of being a blogger? I can reach an audience more traditional media would deny me.

What do you do when you don’t blog? I work on becoming a more patient human being.

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