Paris: The Glancing Game

Posted on June 23, 2006


 paris metro.jpg

by the paris blog 

That hottie who keeps looking your way on the #12 line: is he a freak? Future sex partner? Or is he just looking through you, not even registering your fierce new coif? It’s too bad that there’s no guide to anonymous social interaction. Til now. Metro Stories has just posted the official rules of a game I think we have all played: The Glancing Game.

1. Players One and Two must sit facing each other on the car, though thier positions are not limited to a particular section of seats. Thus, the players may sit as close as six inches and as far as ten meters from each other.

2. Players One and Two must be able to see each other. If another passenger sits in between the two players and thus blocks the players sight of each other, the game is over.

Photo credit: Level 11 

3. The game begins when Player One notices the apparent attractiveness of Player Two. Player One then fixes his or her look on Player Two, and awaits acknowledgement of the commencement of the game.

4. When Player Two recognizes Player One’s stare, this recognition must be small. Player Two returns the stare, but for no more than a few seconds.

5. Player One notes Player Two’s acknowledgement by pretending that Player One’s initial look was accidental. This is easily accomplished by averting the glance elsewhere. Examples include but are not limited to: out the window, behind Player Two, the person next to Player Two, the prominently displayed Metro maps, etc.

6. Player Two must then proceed by fixing his or her look on Player One.

7. Player One then shifts his or her glance to Player Two. The game has officially begun.

8. Glances are exchanged, then, back and forth, repeatedly, by Players One and Two throughout the course of the journey. The players can increase the time of Locked Eyes to their liking, but cannot make any other outward signs of recognition, including but not limited to: smiling, winking, waving or licking lips/teeth.


Click here for complete set of rules. Thanks to Shut Up, Suzy! for turning us on to this cool blog.