Berlin: Americanizing Europe

Posted on June 27, 2006


by michael scott moore

This may look to American readers like a soccer stadium. Maybe even one of those massive sports and music venues that go by pompous classical names in the US — “Forum,” “Coliseum” — when they’re not named after office-supply-store chains. In fact, as Berlin readers already know, it’s just the Adidas Arena, a smallish model of Hitler’s Olympic Stadium and a “branded environment” thrown up near the Reichstag for the duration of the World Cup, where people can watch a bit of soccer. Live soccer? Like in the real Olympic Stadium?

No. Soccer on TV:


Note the red couch in the middle of the (unused) field. Two guys sitting there were served McDonald’s by two hot chicks at the half. I think you have to be first in line for that or something.