Paris: Ceci n’est pas un Massage

Posted on June 30, 2006


by the paris blog 

When is a massage not a massage? When it’s a “sensual game for your back,” as an employee of La Bulle Kenzo told Gillian Young, a blogger who had a gift certificate for a visit to the first-arrondissement spa:

Eventually I’m let in and led to the back of room, where I’m seated on a cushion and given a glass of water.

In front of me is a large, glowing bubble, white and cushion-like. It is la bulle Kenzo, where my massage will take place.

A woman leads me inside and gives me two options: “The massage you’ve been bought isn’t really a massage. It’s more of a sensual game for your back. There are no oils or massaging. Most people don’t realize this, and if you like, you can exchange it for a real massage.”

I pause and think. She continues.

“We use feathers, and different objects…”

I don’t hesitate: “I’ll take the real massage.”

And no, there wasn’t a “happy ending.”