Fashionism: Milan Fashion Week Hi Jinx

Posted on July 5, 2006


A monthly fashion column – who would have thought. This new column comes to you courtesy of Anne Metz whose fashion credentials include sashaying down the Milan catwalks in a past life as runway model. As newly minted Shortcut fashion reporter, she’ll plumb plenty of that knowledge, but add her background in philosophy to deliver sharp, glamorous, little fashion bites – every month.

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Milan: Fashion Week Hi-jinx

Cheeky, not chic. Or at least that seemed to be the verdict of the audience during Alexander McQueen’s fall fashion show in Milan last week. But this critique wasn’t in reference to the shockingly avant-garde looks of the British designer. Rather, the buzz was directed at two French journalists, who sported headscarves in a guerrilla tactic to "make fashion week less boring." 

The two reporters, Laurent Dombrowicz and Matthieu Pabiot, were covering the Men’s Summer Collection shows for Citizen K magazine. Apparently, the babushka scarves were just the tip of the duo’s fashion week chicanery. According to a Reuters report, Dombrowicz and Pabiot have their own satirical collection, which features a slut outfit, Louis Vuitton logo man mini-skirts and a set of Black Panther print umbrellas.  

As a former model in Milan, I can’t resist the urge to chuckle over how these costumes were received. And while I’m not Alexander McQueen (and thus not the one who is being upstaged by a pair of men in a Schiaparelli scarves), I nevertheless have to tip my hat to these off-kilter journalists. There’s an awful lot of ego and pomp swirling around during fashion week. So, anything that anyone can do to lighten the atmosphere is a welcome shot of irony. Irony, of course, is the one thing lacking in most of the summer collections.