Portrait of a Blogger: Tracie B.

Posted on July 6, 2006



From Naples with Love

Those who read Shortcut regularly have probably come across one of Tracie’s Sorrento wine dissections or fabulous recipe suggestions. Tracie left the US to forge a life in Southern Italy and she’s now Shortcut’s eyes and ears in Naples, reporting on the city’s peculiarities and delights from her Texana in exile perspective; detailing the local penchant for unconventional parking choices and bizarre aversion to naked feet. What becomes obvious from her writing on Shortcut and on her personal blog, My Life Italian, is that for her, Italy is definitely the right dream come true.


How / Why did you start blogging?
I thought it would be fun to jump on some sort of bandwagon.  Doesn’t world need another "expat-living-in-Italy" blog?

What’s your blog about?
I write about what I see around me, and how I interpret this crazy Napoletana culture.  It’s not easy being a Texana during the summer in a land where air conditioners mean certain death.

Do you know who your readers are?
Mostly women, other expat gals, some guys, and a few people that accept bribes and/or are easily extorted.

Ever gotten into trouble for blogging?
Hmm, we had a hot little debate going on about the roles of men and women in Southern Italian culture one time.  I offended one reader, but the rest were at peace with the idea of a man, a dish, and a sponge.

Upside of being a blogger?
Free wine!!  It happened once…

What do you do when you don’t blog?
There’s been a lot of "no bloggin’ " happening lately.  Unfortunately, working alongside nuns in the leper colonies keeps me pretty busy.

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