Berlin: Mama Mia!

Posted on July 7, 2006



by michael scott moore 

The first goal Italy scored last night, in late overtime, happened so fast that most of the crowd on Zionskirchstrasse failed to notice. But it was like the shot that killed the President. "Why’s that Italian player celebrating? Oh God –"

All of Berlin fell silent, I think, except for some Italian cafes. Germans in the overflowing restaurants and bars, who had been following the game like a single fan, started behaving like frustrated individuals again — getting in each other’s way, kicking empty beer bottles, drifting into the street with useless plastic horns.

Ah, well. The whole German-pride thing was getting scary anyhow. As a consolation prize I offer this link to webcams at
Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, which you can use on Sunday to watch the crowd as nations with better food sqare off for the title.

Photo credit: Bowslerised