Stockholm: Sweden vs USA

Posted on July 7, 2006


swedishflag.jpgamerican flag.jpg 

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Kommissarie Curiosa reduces the differences between Sweden and the USA to 10 amusing observations:

  • Sweden thinks it’s not part of the European Union, while the U.S. thinks Canada is part of the U.S..
  • Swedes know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland, while Americans don’t really care as long as someone continues to manufacture cuckoo clocks and good chocolate. 
  • Swedes go to Paris, while Americans go to Paris, France (as opposed to Paris, Texas).
  • Sweden has fish eggs in a toothpaste tube, while the U.S. has cheese in a spray paint can (and yes, it is actually called Easy Cheese).

What’s the biggest difference though? Find out.

Photo credit: Limungo and Hannisen