Citizen Fernando: From East Timor to Berlin

Posted on July 11, 2006


shortcut talks to fernando couto, graphic designer and berliner

A Portuguese graphic designer living in Berlin – how did that particular combination happen?

Well, it is the result of chance, actually.

In 2002 my wife received a ten-month scholarship to study here at the University of the Arts. She came and I stayed back in Portugal, working as a freelancer and dropping by once in a while to be with her. Of course the city is really appealing and we discussed the possibility of moving to Berlin on a permanent basis, but since we enjoyed so much the life we had in Porto and she was planning to stay here for just two semesters, we decided to keep with this arrangement. Also at the time I was learning Japanese, so Germany was not at all part of my plans; at least not to live. I wanted to move to Japan for a couple of years and experience the culture. But that didn’t happen.

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