Stockholm: My Name is Jerker

Posted on July 12, 2006



by swedish sloth

Jerker is a common first name in Sweden. Here is a picture of a Swede named Jerker I got off the Internet. Looks a bit like a Jerker, doesn’t he?

I found out about the name during a meeting with someone else named Jerker last week. Needless to say, people named Jerker will probably never get a job in the USA outside the porn industry. And then there is the question: do people call him Jerk for short? That’s not much better.

For those of you who don’t know American English… the closest translation of Jerker into British English would be ‘Wanker’.

All of our names probably mean something funny in another language. Somebody should compile a database. I googled for one but it doesn’t seem to exist. I wish I had some free time beause that would be a million dollar idea. Any investors out there wanna go in with me? A database of stupid names could be the next YouTube… and we already have our first entry.

On a side note, I did find out that IKEA (surprise surprise) makes a computer desk called a Jerker… which is probably appropriate as well for some of us. Apparently though it doesn’t do the work for you. You still have to jerk it yourself.