Portrait of a Blogger: Jon Buscall

Posted on July 13, 2006



Meet Jon, Shortcut’s Stockholm content supplier. Jon runs Schlockholm, a blog about the Swedish capital. Read more about Jon and Schlockholm below.

How / Why did you start blogging?
I first started blogging anonymously whilst living in Finland in the late 90s over on LiveJournal. A girl I knew sent me a link and, having kept a diary for about 10 years, suddenly got hooked on online journaling. I then started The Grey Notebook back in 2000 which ran until last year. I’ve since let the domain go. I started Schlockholm early this spring.  

What’s your blog about?
Stockholm & Sweden. It’s a city blog, covering the flotsam and jetsam that catches my eye everyday: news stories, the weird and wonderful, a movie of the week, basically whatever.


Do you know who your readers are?
A few Australians have got in touch, oh, and people looking for jobs. One chap wrote to me from the UK wanting advice on mosquito repellent.  From the stats it looks like people from Europe and North America make up at least 50% of readers. The others are from all over Sweden.

Ever gotten into trouble for blogging?
Not blogging specifically. I upset someone with a comment once. The closet to trouble was probably an email from INXS’s PR guy telling me to give the band’s new singer a chance. I’d slated the band for continuing after the death of Michael Hutchence.

Upside of being a blogger?
I’m a news junkie. I’ve been practically inhaling newspapers since the day I was born. Blogging became an extension of that in the late 90s. Nowadays it gives me an outlet for writing. I started out as a novelist got more and more into blogging as I was working on my second novel. After I realised fiction writing was not good for my mental well-being I carried on blogging as a way of exercising my need to write. Nowadays,  I do quite a bit of work as a journalist for the
British press and blogging gives me the opportunity of covering a wider range of news.

What do you do when you don’t blog?

I have a small basset hound kennel, which takes up a fair bit of time. I also do a bit of blog consulting web design work and lecturing to keep the wolf from the door. I’m also learning the Chapman Stick


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