Amsterdam: Seg-away!

Posted on July 18, 2006


by katie lips

As if things weren’t difficult enough for visitors to Amsterdam what with avoiding the local cyclists; we’re now asking them to ride around the city on segways.

Segways seem to be springing up, sliding about, wheeling around or whatever they do, rather a lot in Amsterdam this summer, often with a tourist attached.

Last Friday I was at a tech conference and two visiting conference delegates even took their segways inside the hotel lobby to plug them in.  Yes , it seems you actually need to charge them up!

Promoted as ‘fun’, you can even take a tour of the city on a segway – and yes, with a group of your friends, or strangers who are also riding segways.  You can imagine the scene; the tourists become the attraction.

Perhaps I am missing the point horribly – erring on the side of the conservative cyclist, but there are plenty of other ways to get around that don’t attract the gawping stare. Public transport is super efficient, and well, there’s always the option to hire a bike (please)!

Photo Credit: Good Event