Paris: Summer Styling

Posted on August 1, 2006



by the paris blog 

Desperate times call for desperate (fashion) measures, observes Diary of an Adult Runaway:

Paris is much more prepared for the heat then they were 3 years ago when the canicule killed 15,000 nation-wide. I was here on vacation and that was hell. I see a lot more people carrying water bottles this time around, and people know to take it easy. Summer here always surprises me, though.

I thought Australians were casual dressers, but we have nothing on the Parisien/nes when it comes to summer. Strappy, floaty dresses and halterneck tops are de rigeur at the office. There seems to be a bra-strap rebellion going on, too. Wearing a white top with the peek-a-boo cut outs? Hey, wear that black bra, why dontcha? Green halterneck top? Why, of course a brown bra looks great with it, who cares if there are now a thousand and one different styles, including those especially designed for halternecks? I see at least a dozen variations a day and I’m loving it.


At least the filty scarves have been given a rest.