Stockholm: Extreme Makeover for City Busses

Posted on August 3, 2006



by schlockholm – the stockholm blog 

So this is how Stockholm’s buses might well look in the future! 

Well, that’s if the bus boffins have their way. Today sees the publication of “European Bus of the Future” in Brussels.

This is the result of a five-year in-depth reflection on bus functionalities led by a European think tank composed of eight major operators and organising authorities from five European countries, including Connex, who have the, er, privilege of running Stockholm’s bus service. 

The project set out to consider what functions buses should have in the future, identifying 90 functions the bus of tomorrow could and possibly should have. Design students from around Europe were also invited to enter a competition to design the bus of the future to inspire the work of the group. 

The initiative won’t lead to the production of new buses per se but should hopefully inspire manufacturers and designers as they plan for the future.  As far as Schlockholm’s concerned if it improves bus travel in the Swedish capital it can’t be a bad thing.