Stockholm: Ten Things You Should Know About Working in Sweden

Posted on August 9, 2006



by schlockholm – the stockholm blog

If you’re new to Sweden, about to start a job in Stockholm, or thinking of heading this way, here are:
Ten Things to You Should Know About Working in Sweden:

1. Be prepared to drink coffee and eat cake between 9-10.

2.  Eat lunch between 12-13.

3. Work like crazy between 10-12.

4.  Avoid answering the phone between 10-12 so you can concentrate on work.

5.  Keep calm, stay polite if someone actually manages to get ahold of you during the day. They’ve had to struggle to get hold of you.

6. Remember that meetings are not about making decisions or having a genuine discussion.

7.  Discussions take place in the corridor and the boss makes the decisions.

8. Meetings are about agreeing with everyone else, especially the boss.

9. Don’t expect your Swedish boss to tell you how well you’re doing. He’ll only ever tell everyone how well they’re doing.

10. Remember that it’s the team that counts: lone wolves, people with ideas, creative thinkers, people with a vision usually end up starting their own company.

Brad, an American living here in Stockholm, sent along a little ditty and asked us to publish it. We reckon he’s too scared to have his own blog in case his boss might read it. But, anyway, thanks, Brad. All we can say, brad, is ouch