Amsterdam: Super Nuns

Posted on August 10, 2006


While the world is busy with “Superman Returns“, Amsterdam apparently is blessed with another super species, the Uebernun. Europe blogger, Move to Europe, reports on Amsterdam’s criminals chasing nuns:

On Saturday the 23rd of July, two nuns in habits on bikes chased a thief through the southern part of Amsterdam. One of the two had recognized the man from pictures of a theft of church offerings some weeks before. The thief guy figured that he’d had an easy time of it, and went back for second pickings.

Inquiring at the church when the next service was, the first nun recognized him and invited him in, while alerting the second nun to call the cops. The thief got itchy feet, and took off…. so the nuns hopped on their bikes and went after him.

The GSM function of one of the mobiles of the nuns was on, so the police followed the signal, not sure what was going on. The thief managed to get into the centre of town, with the nuns still in pursuit, before the police caught up with the three, and the thief managed to get away. The fuzz do have fotos, though, and are reportedly on the lookout….

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Photo Credit: Winsome Cowboy