Vienna: Debating Speed Limits

Posted on August 23, 2006


2006: 160 km/h in Austria?

Germany’s biggest asset seems to be the non-existent speed limit on the motorways. I have to admit that I like going 200 km/h when appropriate and usually put a rock on the gaspedal as soon as I cross the border.

Without cruise control speed limits are tiring. Austria now discusses to raise the speed limit on motorways from 130 to 160 km/h. This would be a milestone in traffic politics.

Debates are hot. Will streets become more unsafe? Will even more people die? Apparently a high number of accidents happen due to speeding.

The ministry announced: 160 km/h only on 3-lane-motorways. Only when the weather is good and the streets are dry. Only with a section control system. Only when there are few cars on the road.


Is there any other country besides Germany that has no speed limit on motorways?

Photocredit: Gnurka