Amsterdam: Alley Art

Posted on August 28, 2006


by katie lips

Whilst art is ‘everywhere’ in Amsterdam, you might not expect to come across some on the Nieuwe Dijk, where you’d more likely expect shoe discount stores, and shops selling novelty cigarette lighters.

Behind the Nieuwe Dijk, on Sint Nicholaasstraat however you might be enticed by something different.  The Kattenbak artists’ collective have taken over six windows, (no, not the red or neon lit type of windows owned by ladies practicing the ‘oldest profession’), from where their eclectic works are on display.

Eva Kroes, Irene van Geest, Heidi Happy and Brian McKenna are exhibiting a multi media show ‘Acter Glas’, curated and inspired by Marieke Coppens.

The Kattenbak Collectief is building quite a name for itself in Amsterdam. A recently new organisation it has already pulled off some notably tongue in cheek shows including ‘Kattenkak at Nachtkracht’ a recent hipper-than-hip art/nightlife event/happening/performance/party.  The artists change, as does the work and busy agenda; Kattenbak seems to enjoy taking art to you where ever you are; their shows appear in ‘night galleries’, on the beach, and now in the alleyways of Amsterdam.

Achter Glas is a cute and quirky collection of sound, poetry and photography and is on till October 4th. So there’s never been a better excuse to hang around in an alley in Amsterdam.