Amsterdam: Dutch Wine Gods

Posted on September 18, 2006


by katie lips

The Dutch are not known for their wines, either as producers or as drinkers. Let’s face it, the fact that you can get a bottle of plonk from Albert Heijn for EUR 1.89 and that you’d be hard pushed to find a bottle over EUR 5.00 (it’s true) doesn’t really instill a feeling of confidence in the quality of what you’ll be drinking.

For a while, since moving here, I wondered what on earth the rosé thing was all about. All summer long, all you see is people sipping super cheap pink stuff in tiny glasses. I now believe that’s because it tastes marginally better than the red stuff. Order a glass of red, or even a bottle in many places, and there’s no choice of what actual type of wine you’ll be getting. Red, white, or pink! For anyone who quite likes a good glass of wine (of any sort) this really isn’t so satisfying.

I had given up on drinking wine in Amsterdam until the other day I happened upon ‘bubbles and wines’. My faith has been restored. This slightly hidden (on Nes, behind Rokin), stylish wine bar is amazing. In any other city it would be a great wine bar. In Amsterdam, it’s a gift from heaven and I cannot rave about this place enough. Go there if you like wine, go there if you sort of like wine and want to try something new and wonderful. Oh, and go there if you like Champagne too. They do wine with style and also a state of the art Italian wine serving system called ‘enomatic’ after Eno the Greek God of Wine of course.

According to Michael and Robert (who will advise you on what to try next) bubbles and wines is particularly popular with the ladies.  Of course it is; we need somewhere gorgeous to sit and gossip, to pour over our purchases, and to rest mid-spending spree.  It’s also popular late on with local business people, expats and global travelers: the ones who don’t shop at Albert Heijn; the ones who know what wine should be like.  Cheers!