Portrait of a Blogger: Claudia Dias

Posted on September 20, 2006


125004-472844-thumbnail.jpgAfter a long summer hiatus, Shortcut is resuming its portrait series – this week we’re profiling Claudia, who reports from Lisbon and runs the popular blog "O Mundo De Claudia". Claudia joined Shortcut pretty much from the start, adding a weekly dose of quirky, urbane and poetic insights into the Portuguese soul.


How / Why did you start blogging?

A couple of friends had just started their blogs and I thought to myself that having my own blog would be an excellent motivation for me to stop being lazy and finally start writing what was on my mind – instead of scribbling keywords into notebooks for later development. There’s nothing like public visibility to put some pressure unto yourself. Exceeding my expectations, it became my own searchable, categorized notebook. A notebook that I happen to share.

What’s your blog about?

I don’t have an editorial line. It mirrors my doings, my thoughts, my readings or whatever is keeping me entertained at the moment. From talking to some readers, I realized that it’s terrible personal without being intimate.

O Mundo de Claudia

Do you know who your readers are?

I know where they come from! On average, 30% are Americans, 20% Portuguese and the rest come mainly from European countries and Brazil. Most come from google search and a recurring search term lead me to find out that my blog comes first on google for "clitoris envy" 🙂

Ever gotten into trouble for blogging?

Not real trouble but since I write in English I get loads of emails from Portuguese people who claim I’m some kind of traitor to our mother tongue – there’s an evident general pride (which I share) in the language. However, from the start, writing in English seemed the natural thing to do – after all it is the most widely and commonly used language in the world. The other day I found a blog written in Portuguese where there was this comment about me: "why does she write in English? doesn’t she want to be read?". Always fun to find that the world is much smaller for some of us.

Upside of being a blogger?

The upsides and downsides sometimes coincide. It’s great to meet/correspond with people who I don’t/didn’t know personally and that read my blog. Communication is eased by the fact that, supposedly, there are some common interests that we can start talking about right away. At the same time, I don’t know anything about these people and sometimes it’s just freakish to hear a complete stranger ask: "so, what exactly happened to you at the passport control when you went to south america?…"

What do you do when you don’t blog?

I mostly work so that I can afford the following activities: Reading. Walking around my favorite city in the world: Lisboa. Eating lots of Brie cheese with Dijon mustard, fresh mushrooms with olive oil, mozzarella di bufala salad and eggs any style. Traveling. Drinking Portuguese red wine. Enjoying the fading afternoon sun while chatting with friends. Day-dreaming (this one’s cheap but it prevents me from getting the raise I need to go on engaging in the before mentioned activities more often).


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