Citizen Graham: Tales of a Journalist

Posted on September 21, 2006



Shortcut talks to Graham Holliday, journalist and (food) blogger

You recently attended the WE MEDIA conference in London – what was your impression of the event? What did you think of the interaction between traditional media representatives and bloggers?

What interaction between old media and bloggers? Was there any? Not much that I can remember. The most useful conversations took place outside the auditorium and, at least for me, that was mainly between bloggers and new media folk. Having said that, I did get to have a chat with Monique Villa, one of the Heads of Reuters and a bunch of other old media folk. I tried not to look at name badges too much.

However, the whole set up was very much ‘top down’ which is not at all reflective of what’s going on in media these days. Although, I must say I had a fantastic time. I finally got to meet some people, like Rebecca McKinnon from Global Voices for example, whom I’ve been corresponding with for years. So, on a personal level it was very useful just for that face to face element. I just think the conference itself should have been less of a lecture. I think they should take a leaf out of Global Voices way of doing things for the next one. More on that here

You ran your own blog "noodlepie" out of Vietnam. What brought you to Vietnam and why did you stay as long as you did?

I was living in Korea in 1996/97. I went to Vietnam on a 3 week holiday, I’d long had an interest in the country. I quite liked the place during my holiday and so I decided to see if I could go there to live and work for a bit. Initially I was thinking of going for around six months to a year or so. I was then planning to move to Argentina. I ended up staying in Vietnam for 9 years. I stayed predominantly because I met my wife in Hanoi in 1998. Her job kept her in Vietnam for a while.

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