Stockholm: Oral Sex is Bad for You

Posted on September 22, 2006



by schlockholm – the stockholm blog 

Swedish scientists are now saying that oral sex can give you cancer. Well, giving oral sex to be specific.

The same virus that causes cancer of the uterus is thought to be linked to tonsillary cancer, say boffins at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute (KI), hastily adding that changed sexual habits and more oral sex are also linked problem.

During the past 30 years the number of tonsil cancer cases has tripled in Stockholm. In the same period the amount of tumors infected with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has gone up from 23 percent in the 70s to 68 percent in recent years.

KI boffins believe the increase in HPV may be linked to the formation of tonsillary cancer.

“We were perplexed for ages about why the total number of tonsil cancer cases increased despite smoking, which is a know cause of such cancer, was on the decline,” Tina Dalianis, professor of oncology and pathology at KI, told snoozepaper Svenska Dagbladet. “Infection with HPV may well be the reason.”

Dalianis, however, also pointed to the changing nature of Swedish sex habits over recent decades as a possible cause behind the increase of the cases of cancer: Swedes are having sex for the first time at a younger age, having more partners, and more oral sex.

Schlockholm wonders if the Pope has become the new director of Karolinska?