Berlin: Nazis creeping in

Posted on November 11, 2006


udo voigt.jpg 

by michael scott moore

This appalling man Udo Voigt is not just head of a marginal neo-Nazi party but now a duly-elected politician in the Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin. He’s the guy who said, last year in a town called Gera, in a speech delivered between sets by white-supremacist hatecore bands, “We don’t want a multicultural society! We know what that brings! In Berlin we’ve learned about the first school without a single German child. Should this be the future of Germany? […]

“Anyone who wants this to be the future of Germany should vote for the established parties! Whoever doesn’t want this to be the future of Germany should send the NPD to the national parliament! […] We need, in Germany, at last, a true national politics. We have a dream — that the Federal Republic of Germany should go into the dustbin of history, as quickly as possible, just like the GDR. That’s our dream. We dream of a free and prosperous and peaceful Germany for true Germans […] We have the blood of our fathers flowing in our veins and we are proud!”

My last post dealt with Nazis in the provinces, but the German capital is in disturbing shape, too. The rundown of Nazis with seats in Berlin districts looks like this. I used to be in favor of keeping the far right in Germany legal, letting it have its say and self-destruct, but the problem is that when they win seats, they also, by law, get a bit of support from the government. The NPD has been using that money shrewdly over the past few years. Now I think it would have been a good thing if the Schroeder people had managed to ban the NPD in 2002 or whenever it was. Sure, the Nazis would have just reorganized under a different name, but their new party would have had that much more work to get its claws into the rock-face of German government.

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