New Editor at Shortcut: Rhiannon Davies

Posted on December 5, 2006










A bit of NEWS before Christmas:

Shortcut finally has a spanking new, shiny digital address:

And that’s not all. We also have a major announcement to make on the editorial front! Yes, it’s been quiet around here, but after a period of slow posting, we’re bouncing back to a more regular publishing schedule thanks to a new editor: Rhiannon Davies has bravely agreed to helm the editorial side of things at Shortcut. She’ll be overseeing the weekly inflow of content from our contributors across European cities . She also pretty much has carte blanche to put her own opinionated spin on the site and – if time permits – to add new editorial features. Or scratch old ones 🙂

Rhiannon is a what you’d call an accomplished copywriter and writer. She is currently based in Copenhagen, where she turns out immaculate copy for Nike at digital agency Framfab. Welsh, but raised in Canada, she has lived in London before moving to Scandinavia 3 years ago. Her expat life has turned her into a seasoned networker and she loves to jet off on weekends to visit yet another European city – what better match for a European city blog?

Comments? Suggestions? Want to write for Shortcut? Contact Rhiannon at
Or skype us at Shortcutblog


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