Copenhagen: A month of hangovers

Posted on December 6, 2006



by sabine behrman 

December in Denmark a time of endless celebration – and therefore of hangovers, too. One of the reasons for all these parties is the monochronic approach to time, typical for these parts of Europe.

The Danes call them "Christmas lunches" – they usually take place in the evening, and food and drink are very important here, just as tradition. The pickled herring as much as the beer and the aquavit…

If you are a socially active person the four weekends up to Christmas just aren’t time enough for all the lunches you would like to attend – so for some people they are spilling over into the New Year, because these events are yet another way of giving Danes the opportunity to bond.

There is something carnevallistic about it all. As some of you probably know, reason has a tendency to leave when alcohol enters the stage – and December is traditionally the month of the year where Danes engage in flings. Not everyone – not all the time. But there are plenty of people who do not only suffer from physical hangovers, but from moral ones, too.

However, let’s not be judgemental: many a wonderful relationship began when two people who had been too shy to admit it when sober threw away their inhibitions at a Christmas lunch.

Photo credit: Rabulist